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1989 UAZ-3907 "Jaguar"

The UAZ-3907 “Jaguar” is an amphibian vehicle, engineered at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant in 1976-1990 on the base of the aggregates of the all-terrain car UAZ-469. It was not serial manufactured.

The projecting of the amphibian vehicle was started by the designers of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant in 1976. By 1989 14 trial models had been produced. The automobiles passed the test to satisfaction and were included in the inventory. During the trials the automobile covered the Volga-river from Ulyanovsk to Astrakhan and back. Nevertheless, in 1991 the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant stopped preparations for the amphibian vehicle production operations on own initiative, having lost war order perspectives.

The engine, the transmission and running gear components of the cross-country UAZ-469 automobile were used in the construction of the amphibian vehicle UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”. The displacement-type vehicle hull has got an original design with two tightly closing doors. Two water propellers were fixed under the body bottom in front of the rear axle. The automobile waterborne was controlled through the front wheels turning, which accomplished the function of steering wheels (a close location of the propellers that pull water through the arches of the front wheels were helpful to it).

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