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1955 UAZ-450A

The UAZ-450 is an automobile mass-produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant from 1958 till 1965. The UAZ-450 is the first independent production model of the automobile plant. It was built with the use of nodes and components of the GAZ-69, however with the engine of enhanced capacity. By 1966 when the production of a new automobile family - the UAZ-452 started, 55,319 UAZ-450 automobiles of different modifications had come out of the plant’s gates.

The defining attribute of this “bukhanka” series (as it was nicknamed because it was like a loaf of bread in appearance) was absence of the rear side door (except 450V model), cargo and passenger loading was performed through the back door, besides the side front door of the trial models and the commercial cars of the initial production opened against the direction of traffic.

The museum exposition possesses a rare ambulance version of the UAZ-450A in prime condition.

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