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1902 Darracq 9,5 HP

Engine: 1 cylinders
Capacity: 1281 cc
Max power output: 9 bhp at 1200 rpm.
Max speed: 60 km/h

This is one of the first light cars built by Alexandre Darracq. The company he established in France became the source of others that survived its own demise. Alfa Romeo, in fact, was conceived in Darracq’s works in Milan and Naples.
The 9,5 has a single-cylinder front engine, a three-speed gearbox and cardan shaft drive to the rear wheels. Note the canopy with its let-down side and rear curtains, the generous windscreen and the drooping bonnet typical of French cars. During the 1902 “Semaine de Nice”, Paul Baras took this vehicle over the flying kilometer in less than 36 seconds, equivalent to an amazing speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.


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