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1980 BRDM-2

The BRDM-2 was developed at the construction department of Gorky automobile plant. It was produced in series from 1963 till 1989 by Arzamas machine building plant. The main peculiarity of the vehicle is its very high floatation. Besides the main all-wheel-drive chassis with regulated pressure in tires there are special additional pull-out wheels, which make possible to overcome vast ditches and trenches in the middle part of the body. The fire-fighting monitor is PLS-60.

Technical characteristics:
Engine type – carburetor gasoline V8
Wheel arrangement – 4x4
Recommended fuel – А-76
Speed along highway – 95-100 km/h
Speed across country – 8-10 km/h
Driving road distance – 750 km
Operational weight – 7 tons
Appliance crew – 4 people

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