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1980 ATs-40 (131) model 137

ATs-40 (131) model 137 is a fire tank vehicle on the chassis of the all-wheel drive truck ZIL-131. It is designed to carry a fire-fighting crew of 7 people, fire-fighting equipment, water and a foam agent to fire location and also to suppress fire with water from a storage reservoir, a surface water body or a water supply system and with air-filled foam using brought or taken from an outside reservoir foam agent.

It was produced by Prilukskiy plant of fire fighting equipment from 1970 till 1984 (a prototype example was assembled in 1968 at the same plant). The version ATs-40 (131) model 137A with an

increased tanker capacity by 100 liters and a hydraulic monitor control from the cabin has been produced since 1984. A new sample of the ATs-40/3 (131) model 137A-01 with a combined pump PNK-40/3 with a coil and a high pressure pipe was also produced in 1983. This modification did not come into series.

Technical characteristics:

Base chassis ZIL-131/6х6:
- carburetor engine
- power output (max) - 110 kW (150 hp)
- speed (max), full load - 80 km/h
- cabin - 1+6

Fire extinguishing agents’ storage:
- water, not less than 2.73 куб.м (2,730 l)
- foam agent, not less than 0.17 cub. m (170 л)

Intake device – ejector pump
Delivery hoses’ length - 408 m
Fire monitor PLSP-П20, firefighting monitor shooting range:
- water - 50 m
- foam - 35 m

Centrifugal single-stage pump NTsP-40/100 or PN-40UV:
- pump rate - 40 l/sec
- pump pressure - 100 m

Hand control branch pipe quantity - 6
Boundary dimensions (length x width x height) – 7,640 x 2,500 x 2,950 mm
Automobile’s weight with full load – 11,100 kg

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