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1963 MAZ-537

MAZ- 537 - four- military truck tractor manufactured by Minsk Automobile Plant. MAZ -537 is produced by the Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant since 1963. Tractor is designed for loads up to 50 t on semitrailers ChMZAP - 9990, 5247G - ChMZAP etc.

Cab MAZ- 537 - four- metal, with two doors, equipped with additional independent heater. Based on the MAZ -537 MAZ- produced modification 537G, characterized by the presence of a winch to facilitate loading and unloading, as well as self extraction tractor . Working cable length of 100 m, 15 ton traction

The vehicle is a 12- cylinder diesel engine D - 12A - 525A, located behind the cab. Provided the engine preheater. Transmission - hydro, with torque converter and planetary three-stage gearbox, Power steering gear, Managed two front axles. Used as tractor-trailers with rocket launchers, tank transporter tractor, airfield tractor. Was used in the civilian sphere as heavy tractor-trailers, tractor ballast for carrying extra heavy loads, in the oil and gas fields.

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