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1975 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Stingray Coupe

Engine - 8 cylinders
Engine volume - 5.7l
Transmission - 3-speed automatic

Third Corvette (1968-1982) is based on the concept of Mako Shark II in 1965, created by David Halls, originally based in aggregates C3 to C2. In 1969 appeared the newest Small Block of 5.7 liters (300 hp.)., And later - Big Block (7 liters, 390 hp). In 1972, the standard of measurement of power engines have changed and according to them the most powerful 7.4-liter motor develops 270 hp. s, and the engine based on the "small block" - a maximum of 205 hp.
With the introduction of new taxes on fuel thing of the past huge many liter Big Block. C3 production volumes totaled 542,861 units. Also was released Corvette ZR1 (for racing). Power motor makes 430 hp.

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