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1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

In this specially prepared Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969 Tracy Castro by the famous competitions to street races in Nevada "Tae Silver State Classic Challenge" showed the speed 153 miles / hr.
Engine - 1972 Chevy truck 350 ci-358ci
Transmission - Tremec TKO II 5-speed

The Silver State Classic Challenge is an authorized Open Road Racing event that is run on a 90 mi (140 km) stretch of State Route 318, which is closed for the occasion. The event has been run since 1988, and was the venue for the highest speed achieved on a public highway, when Charles "Chuck" Shafer and Gary Bockman averaged 207.7801 mph (334.3897 km/h) in May 2000, in a Chrysler LeBaron ARCA race car. Although high speed race cars receive much of the publicity, the majority of participants take part in mainstream street cars at average speeds ranging from 95 to 150 mph (153 to 240 km/h). These cars run the gamut from sports cars like Corvettes and Mustangs to sedans like Infiniti G35s, Mercedes wagons, and even Saturns.

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