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1983 Lancia 037 Rally Martini

Lancia 037 Rally Martini - 1983

Cylinder number / capacity - 4/2100 cc
Power - 325 bhp
Max. speed - 220 kph
Period of production - 1982/1983
Bodywork - Rally

This Lancia 037 was built in 1983 and was a car of the Lancia-Abarth works team in 1984. Its number plate is TO W67769 and its chassis number is ZLA151AR0*000000401 ; these numbers have never been changed. This car is also enrolled in ASI, the Italian Historical Registry, with number 67323 and will come along with an attestation by former Lancia Abarth people that it is original in all its parts. The car recently underwent a full check and service by a former Abarth’s satellite factory, which was in charge of the rebuilding and maintenance of some of Lancia Abarth works car. Initially this 037 was a test car of the Lancia-Abarth works team, which used it also to makr its first experiments on water injection in the engine, a solution that would be fitted in the 037s about two years later. Then this car was put in the field only once in race, in the Sanremo Rally of the World Rally Championship on September 30 -October 5, 1984.

In that event it was driven by Markku Alen. In Sanremo Rally Alen was very competitive at the wheel of this Lancia 037.

In December 1984, this 037 was also used by Miki Biasion to tackle on a special show-challenge against Osella and Minardi F.1 in occasion of Motor Show in Bologna.

In the following two years, Lancia-Abarth continued to use this 037 as one of its test cars.

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