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1949 Zanussi 1100 Sport

Zanussi 1100 Sport 1949

Cylinder number / capacity - 4/1089 cc
Bodywork - sport two-seat

Born in Pordenone, Fioravante Zanussi started with tuning cars for himself and some customers in the early 1930s; racing a Fiat 508 tuned by Zanussl, the driver Alberto Comirato of Treviso won the 1939 Italian Champion title.

The car shown in the museum, whose restoration has been recently completed, is probably an one-off built in the late 1940s on a Fiat 508 C chassis. Currently fitted with a Fiat 1100 S derived engine, the car was driven by Zanussi himself at some hill climb races until the mid-1950s. The car history Is not yet completely known and proved: probably it was originally fitted with an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 engine, deprived of the supercharger and reduced to four cylinders by eliminating the two central ones. Later on, it was fitted with a 6-cyllnder 2-liter BMW 319 engine and finally in the mid-1950s it was fitted with the present 1100 S engine and had a modified and updated body.

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