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1961 Fiat 500 Chia-Jolly

Fiat 500 Chia-Jolly 1961 Italy

Engine : Two cylinder
Capacity: 499.5 cc
Power : 22 hp / 4400 rpm
Max. speed: 95 km/h
Transmission : Four speed+revers

Few cars that Fiat produced had the "cuteness" of the Jolly. With coachwork by Ghia, the Fiat Jolly 500 was introduced in 1957, and had no real practical use, except for that of pure enjoyment. Many wealthy playboys, such as Fiat chief Gianni Agnelli, would load these cars on their yachts and use them as beach cars when they went on vacation. Weighing in at a mere 1,050 pounds, the Jolly could actually accomplish speeds of 59 mph, while achieving gas mileage of 52 mpg, thus acting as an ideal shore dingy.

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