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1929 Skoda 6R III

Skoda 6R III 1929 Czechoslovakia

Engine : Six cylinder
Capacity: 2916 cc
Power : 50 hp / 3000 rpm
Max. speed: 100 km/h
Transmission : Four speed+revers.

Škoda 6 R was the car company Skoda. He was a larger model Škoda R 4.
The car was released in 1929 with various bodies in the wood-steel construction on individual customer specifications.
The engine was a six-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled. It had a volume of 2916 cc and 50 hp power (37 kW) and accelerates this heavy car (1100-1500 kg) to 100 km / h. Through driveshaft flange which is attached to the engine block, the driving force transmitted to the rear wheels. Vehicle frame consisted of forged steel U-profiles.

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