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1962 Motobecane KM2U

Motobecane KM2U 1962

The well-known Parisian firm of Motobecane had been producers of motorcycles since 1922. After World War II they concentrated on building mopeds and also larger (1 - 3 cylinder) engines. 1974 they merged with the Italian MotoGuzzi-Benelli group.

In the Mid-50's they developed a small 4-wheel vehicle with a removable windscreen without doors and top. They used their own 125 cc engine, which was placed at the rear. This vehicle remained a prototype.

At the beginning of the 60's they produced a 4-wheel vehicle with Italian style and Japanese mechanicals with rear-wheel drive and also the 125 cc, one-cylinder, two-stroke engine. These vehicles were only used for test and exhibitions.

Manufacturer: Motobecane, Pantin, France

Model: Motobecane
Years Built: 1962
No. Produced: 1
Body: Aluminum
Chassis: Steel Frame
Motor: Motobecane, 2-stroke
No. Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 125 cc
Gearbox: Variable-Speed-Transmission
Steering: Rack & Pinion
Suspension Front: Torsion Bars
Suspension Rear: Struts
Brakes: Hydraulic
Starter: Electric
Electrics: 12 v
Ignition: Coil
Width: 1 230 mm
Length: 2 850 mm
Weight: 240 kg
4 Wheels: 115-12
Interior: Bench
Top Speed:

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