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1990 Honda Caren

Honda Caren 1990

The layout of this cute little vehicle is that of a moped and sidecar, with an all-enveloping bodyshell providing seating for one person. There is a single door on the "sidecar" side.
It is thoroughly tricked out Miami-style, with spotlamps, neon lighting around the windshield, a single full-width chrome spinner on the "sidecar" wheel only, musical multi-tone horn, extra chrome, and a monster sound system.
With only 1931 miles on the clock, it is in mint original condition.
The little car was imported from Japan in 1990 into Miami Florida, and is likely the only one in North America.
Manufacturer: Honda Motorcycle Japan Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Japan

Model: Caren
Years Built: 1990
No. Produced: n\a
Body: Fiberglass
Chassis: Tube
Motor: Honda
No. Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 50 cc
Horsepower: 3,8
Gearbox: V-Matic
Steering: Fork
Suspension Front: Coil
Suspension Rear: Coil
Brakes: Cable
Starter: Electric
Electrics: 12 v
Ignition: Coil
Width: 950 mm
Length: 1720 mm
Weight: 90 kg
3 Wheels: 100/8 x 10
Interior: 1 Seat
Top Speed: 35 kph

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