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1937 Alfa Romeo 158

Alfa Romeo 158 1937

Engine: In line 8 cylinder,
double overhead camshafts, Roots supercharger
Bore & Stroke : 58 mm x 70 mm
Total displacement - 1479 cc
Power - 195 hp at 7200 rpm
Top speed - 232 km/h

Single seat racer conceived for the “Corsa 1500'' class and transformed after the war into an F1 car. The car was designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari at Modena with support from Alfa Romeo engineers, under the guidance of Gioachino Colombo. The car's debut race was the Coppa Ciano in Livorno, on 31st July 1938 (1st and 2nd with drivers Emilio ViIloresi and Clemente Biondetti). The power output of the engine was progressively increased to 425 HP (“159” version in 1951).

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