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2006 Maserati MC 12 Versione Corse

MC 12 Versione Corse 2006

Engine: V12-cylinder 650 DOHC per bank
Bore & Stroke : 92 mm x 75.2 mm
Total displacement - 5998 cc
Power - 755 hp at 8000 rpm
Top speed - 326 km/h

Maserati was founded on racing and, despite subsequently concentrating on the production of high-performance road cars, it has always kept in contact - directly or indirectly with the races. In 2004 it returned directly to the competition world with the MC12, with a comeback in true Maserati style. The MC12 won the FIA GT Championships from 2005 to 2011, driven by various drivers but one who stands out for the constant results obtained is Modena-born Andrea Bertolini.

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