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1902 Peugeot Type 39

Peugeot Type 39 1902 France

Peugeot Type 39 was the first car Armand Peugeot engine which had a four-cylinder. This significantly increased engine capacity, which positively affected the power of this car - Peugeot Type 39 could develop power to 10 horsepower.

Production year: 1902
Total Produced: 100 cars at the factory in Lille
Type: passenger pickup (tonneau)
double-chaise (doppelphaeton)
People capacity: 4 people
Wheelbase: 2.0 m
Track Width: 1.37 m
Engine: Four-stroke, internal combustion engine
Volume Engine: 2042 cm ³
Number of cylinders: 4
Power: 10 HP
Drive: chain drive

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