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1929 Citroen C4 Autochenille Kegresse P17

Citroen C4 Autochenille Kegresse P17 - 1929 France

This special commercial vehicle is a rarity. In the world there are less than 10 copies.
This tracked Citroen car was built for the famous "Yellow Cruise" Beirut to Beijing through Afghanistan - the Himalayas and Mongolia in 1931-1932 gg.

Engine - 1628 cc, 30 hp at 3000 rpm \ min.
3 forward gears 1 reverse
Speed with a reducer: 4.8 km \ h
Speed without reducer: 23.6 km \ h
Fuel consumption: 20 liters per 100 km
Capacity: 1000 kg

This car was found in a very bad condition and had to perform a complete renovation to restore the car to its original condition.
Props Hubert Etter & Fils SA a Vuadens, who gave life to this car.

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