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1901 Vinot et Deguingand Type 1

Engine - 2 cylinder
Power - 5.5 hp
Transmission - 3 speeds forward and one back
Drive - on belts and chains
Produced from 1901 to 1926
The car is built in Puteaux (Seine)

First announced in 1901, Vinot-Deguingand was originally built in Puteaux, near Paris, but relocated to Nanterre some time after production began. The early models were marketed in English speaking countries (of which we can only find evidence that this meant England) under the name 'La Silencieuse', and were fairly advanced machines for the day, with vertical twin 5½ hp engines mounted in a pressed steel chassis with belt and chain final drive.

As the cars got bigger (in 1903 there was a 10hp twin, and 14hp and 18hp fours) they took the retro-grade step of adopting armoured wood chassis. However in 1905 the larger cars in the range were back with pressed steel chassis, and a comprehensive line-up of models was offered.

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