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1903 Prunel Phaeton

Prunel 1903 France

Body - Phaeton
Engine - Aster 1 cylinder
Power - 6 hp
Transmission - 3 speed forward
Ignition is - Magneto
Drive - chain
Produced from 1900 to 1907
Manufacturer - la Societe des Usines Prunel

Société des Usines Prunel was a French car manufacturer.
J. Prunel founded the company in 1900 in Puteaux to produce cars. Brand name until 1902 sounded like Atlas, and until 1907 Prunel. Also in these years was a collaboration with Boyer (Noé Boyer & Cie was a French car manufacturer). From time to time, as cars were sold under the brand Phebus.
In England, the vehicles were sold in 1905 as Gnome, in 1906 - as Gracile in 1907 - as JP In 1907 production models Prunel ended.
Between 1906 and 1910 company produces cars under the brand Nordenfelt. After the cessation of production of cars the plant was bought by Phenix in the period 1912-1914 cars produced under the brand name Phenix.
First model, 3 hp and 4 ½ hp had the engine from De Dion Bouton-, but there were also engines Atlas. From 1903 on models mounted engines Aster, Hérald and Pieper. Four-cylinder engine model has a volume of 3800 cc and had a power of 20 hp . In 1904 were models with power of 10 hp with Gnome engine and 15 HP with engine Mutel.

In 1905, there were models with two-cylinder engine with a volume of 1800 cc and 2250 cc, and a model with four-cylinder engines with a volume of 3500 cubic cm and 4900 cc. In 1906 was made more powerful model 40/50 hp
Vehicles of this brand can be seen in Automuseum Oldtimer in Reninge, in the Musée Communal de l'Automobile Mahymobiles in Leuze-en-Hainaut and Schloss Grandson.

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