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1904 Va bon Train Larroumet et Lagarde

Larroumet et Lagarde - 1904 France

Power - 8 HP
Transmission - two speeds forward
Clutch - "Boziger"
Transmission - belt drive.
Produced in - AGEN


The La Va Bon Train ("goes like blazes" in French) was a French automobile manufactured by Larroumet and Lagarde of Agen, Lot-et-Garonne between 1904 and 1914. The company had originally been founded in 1891 as a bicycle maker.

The two-seater, three-wheeler featured an iron chassis, wheel steering, and a single-cylinder 6 hp engine of either their own make or at extra cost from De Dion. A two-speed epicyclic gearbox was fitted to early cars, but later ones used a more conventional unit, and final drive was by a choice of belt or chain. A differential was fitted from 1907.

Between 50 and 100 are believed to have been built, with the last ones made around 1910 but possibly still on sale as late as 1914.

The little town of Agen, famed for its 23-arch aqueduct, was also the home of another strange tricar, La Nef built in 1901 with an immensely long steering tiller and four seats.

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