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1906 Ford Type N

Ford Type N - 1906 USA

Engine - 4 cylinder
Fan, combined with the flywheel
Is the ancestor FORD T
Price (at the time) - $ 500

The Ford Model N is an automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company. It was introduced in 1906 as a successor to the Models A and C as the company's inexpensive entry-level line.

The Model N diverged from its predecessors in that it was a front-engine car with a 4-cylinder engine. The 15 hp straight-4 drove the rear wheels via a long shaft. The car had a wheelbase size of 84 in (2.1 m).

A successful model, 7000 cars were made until production ended in 1908. At US$500 the car was viewed as highly affordable at the time; by contrast, the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout went for $650,[8] Western's Gale Model A was $500,[9] the Brush Runabout $485,[10] the Black went for as low as $375,[11] and the Success hit the amazingly low $250.[12] Maroon was the only factory color for the Model N.

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