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1909 Rack steam locomotive HG 3/3 No 1063

Rack steam locomotive HG 3/3 No 1063 CFF Brunig line 1909 From 1888 on, the Brunig line between Lucerne and Interlaken was built for steam operation. On the level sections in the valley one used ordinary locomotives, but for the mountain section between Giswil and Meiringen rack locomotives were required. As some stretches of this section were quite flat, the mountain locomotives were designed in a way that they could also be temporarily operated without rack traction. The driving pinion was powered by a separate pair of cylinders and could therefore be switched on whenever it was necessary. SLM 31,6 t 45 km 294 kW 4 cylinders saturated steam 14 bar narrow gauge 1000 mm system Riggenbach 120 %o In operation 1909-1957 restoration by CFF

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