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1873 Rack railway steam Locomotive H 1/2 No 7

The first rack railway in Europe Rack railway steam locomotive H 1/2 no 7 Rigi railway RB 1873 Number 7 was the first locomotive to leave the works of the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works SLM in Winterthur in 1873. Based on an American model, its design engineer Niklaus Riggenbach put the boiler in upright position. This made it possible that the fire tubes were always completely surrounded with water, even in a tilted position. Number 7 was scraped in 1937. In 1996. on the occasion of the 125 years anniversary of the Vitznau-Rigi Railway VRB, it was at times put into operation again. SLM system Riggenbach gradient 250 %o 110 kW saturated steam 7,5 km/h restoration by von Roll CFF SLM VRB

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