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1888 Electric tram motorcar Ce 1/2 No 4

Electric tram motorcar Ce 1/2 No 4 Vevey-Montreux-Chillon VMC 1888 The VMC tram used the arrangement developed by Werner von Siemens in 1881. There were two overhead copper tubes, forming the two sides of the circuit, with slots in their undersides. The current was transferred to the tram by a pair of contacts on a sledge towed by twin insulated copper cables. The traction motor was situated between the axles and drove one of them through gear-wheels with herringbone-shaped teeth. The double-deck body was considered a special tourist attraction. SIG Miauton Siemens 3.5 t 11 kW DC 500 V 16 km/h 20 seats standing room for 15 people restored by CFF

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