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1921 BBC MFO SLM Crocodile

BBCMFOSLM 66t 790kW 11kV16 2/3Hz 55km/h gauge 1000mm restored by the Rhaetian Railway in operation 1921-1984 Simplified Crocodile for the RhB Electrical freight locomotive Ge 6/61 No 402 Rhaetian Railway RhB 1921 In the course of its electrification, the RhB purchased 15 locomotives between 1921 and 1929. The first Crocodile locomotives of the Swiss Federal Railways CFF served as a model, which were equipped with complex jack-shaft drives. The RhB however went back to the simpler, earlier construction, with each of the motors being connected directly to one of the coupled axles by inclined rods. This type of transmission was first used in 1910 for the BLS test locomotive.

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