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2010 Nissan Patrol 8x8 White Spider

Nissan Patrol 8x8 White Spider 2010

The car was made by special order in 2010. Immediately obvious his appointment and habitat: sand dunes and desert expanses.
When driving on the sand in order to not fall through, we need a large area of ​​the wheels. Them here twice as much that any serial SUV. And if they have all wheel drive .... you are a real "King of the desert!"
The original car is Nissan patrol GR Y61.
Detailed specifications of the modified auto-monster is not found, but we can assume that in addition to mount additional axles with the driving wheels were scaled and powertrains.
And, correspondingly, proportionally grew and engine power. Not for nothing, along with the spare wheel on either side hung additional fuel canisters.
Although this car is a central location in the museum exposition Sheikh, he operating

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