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2002 Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Year of manufacture – 2002-2004
Successor : Ferrari LaFerrari
Class: GT
Body style : two seater berlinetta
Engine – 6,0 L Tipo F140B V12
Horsepower – 492.2 kW (660 hp) at 7800 rpm
Transmission: 6 speed semi-automatic
Wheelbase : 2650 mm
Full speed – 350 km/h .

The Enzo Ferrari is a 12 cylinder mid-engine berlinetta named after the company's founder, Enzo Ferrari.It was built in 2002 using Formula One technology, such as a carbon-fibre body, F1-style electrohydraulic shift transmission, and Carbon fibre-reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) ceramic composite disc brakes. Also used are technologies not allowed in F1 such as active aerodynamics and traction control. After a downforce of 7600N(1700lb) is reached at 300 km/h (186 mph) the rear wing is actuated by computer to maintain that downforce.
The Enzo is a mid-engined car with a 43.9/56.1 front/rear weight distribution. The engine is Ferrari's F140 65° V12 with 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and variable valve timing. Bosch Motronic ME7 fuel injection is used and the engine is naturally aspirated. It displaces 5998 cc (366 in³) and produces 660 PS (485 kW; 651 hp) at 7800 rpm and 657 N•m (485 lb•ft) at 5500 rpm. The redline is 8000 rpm.

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