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1967 Datsun 1300

Datsun 1300 (520,521 US) 1967

Production 1965-1972
Model years 1966-1972
Assembly Kyūshū, Japan
Predecessor Datsun 320
Successor Datsun 620
Body style 2-door pickup (separate/flush)
2-door double cab pickup
3-door van/panel van
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine 1,299 cc J13 I4
1,483 cc J15 I4 (521)
1,595 cc L16 I4 (521)
Wheelbase 2,530 mm (99.6 in)
2,770 mm (109.1 in) (G520/521)

The Datsun 520 was built from 1965 until 1969 (the 420 designation was skipped). It used the new 1.3 litre, 67 hp Nissan J13. In 1965 and 1966 the 520 had two single headlights. For 1967, the 520 was slightly redesigned and had twin headlights. This design was carried on until the end of 520 production. Single cab (520), LWB Single cab (G520), Double cab (U520) and delivery van (V520) versions were available. "G" was used to identify the long wheelbase versions. The fender emblems said "Datsun 1300". A grille emblem was added in 1966 and simply said "D". In late 1967 a slightly altered model apppeared, now with a slightly changed chrome grille with a distinct frame.
The 521 was the facelifted version of 520, with a so-called "flat-deck" style. This meant a flattened bonnet and front fenders as well as a new grille design. It used the Nissan J engines (the previously mentioned J13 or the larger J15, rated at 77 hp) and later had a 95 PS (70 kW) Nissan L16 engine, always with a straight rear axle. The 520 strongly resembles a Datsun 410/411 from the front, since it shares most sheetmetal with that car. The fender emblems said "Datsun 1300", "Datsun 1500" or "Datsun 1600" (depending on engine fitment). Van/delivery van (V521) and double cab (U521) versions were available. It was manufactured from 1969–1972, preceded by the 520 and followed by the 620. The 521 was the first compact half-ton pickup sold in the American market, in 1968.

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