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1971 Bultaco Sherpa T 49

Bultaco Sherpa T mod. 49 250 cc 1971
St.Adria de Besos (Barcelona)
Joan Carles Orengo

series - 49000001
Years - 1968 - 1971
Engine capacity - 244.29 cc
Bore x stroke - 72 x 60 mm
compression - 10:01
Power - 19.8 hp at 5500 revolutions / minute
Carburetor - AMAL 627
Transmission - 5-speed
Front suspension - Telescopic shock absorbers
hydraulic 165 mm
Rear suspension - hydraulic shock absorbers
adjustable 100mm
Front tire - 3 x 21
Rear tire - 4 x 18
Front brakes - Brakes area: 7650 mm2
Rear brakes - Brakes area: 11360 mm2
Net Weight - 92 kg
Fuel tank - 7 l

Sherpa T was the bike produced by Bultaco between 1964 and 1985. During this period, it was one of the best on the market (as well as in strong competition with the Catalan Montesa Cota and OSSA) and achieved great international prestige.
Its main characteristics were: a two-stroke single-cylinder engine with air cooling (first 250 and then 350 cc and in other youth versions 74 and 125 cc), drum brakes, a usual fork and front and rear shock absorbers. Following the philosophy of Bultaco the motorcycle was sold with all the technological advances that the official riders of the competing brands used, therefore any fan can buy it in the shop to win the World Cup on this bike without any adjustments.

Created in collaboration with the best racer of Northern Ireland Sammy Miller, Sherpa T was a revolutionary motorcycle, which was a turning point in the history because the engine got a double efficiency and lightness that helped make this kind of sport develop very fast. It surpassed all motorcycles of the UK with a four-stroke engine that dominated the discipline up to then.
Since its official premiere in the competition at the Sis Dies d'Escòcia in 1965, an innovative Bultaco reached a lot of success around the world, able to win championships, international competitions and world championships.
The Sherpa T put an end to the golden age, covering the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, when the sport expanded and gained great popularity in Europe and North America, largely because of this motorcycle and the achievements of the famous persons associated with it: Sammy Miller, Malcolm Rathmell, Martin Lampkin, Yrjö Vesterinen, Bernie Schreiber, Charles Coutard, Manuel Soler, Toni Gorgot and many others.
The third version of the Sherpa T (mod. 49 250 cc 1971) represents an important milestone in the evolution of motorcycles, which have improved in all aspects, including aesthetics. Using this model, Sammy Miller won first place in the European Championship.


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