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1949 Sanglas 350

Sanglas 350 350 cc 1949
Josep Raja

Sanglas 350 - Catalan motorcycle brand was presented at the exhibition in Barcelona in June 1945 and was a boon for all fans of motorcycles in postwar Spain.
These first motorcycles Sanglas, of which only a few dozen were sold in the first year, were completely handmade from the first to the last detail.
As a joke, they say that the first aluminum for motorcycles Sanglas was obtained from the remains of cutlery, plates, jars, cups and exhaust components of military aircrafts.
Sanglas 350, the first model was manufactured between 1945 and 1947. Aesthetically it was painted black with white lines on the contour. In addition, the spokes and brake drums were painted gray. The ignition coils housings were presented in a silver color. The metal logo was mounted on the right side of the lamp housing. The carburetor was made of brass.
The first motorcycle was equipped with a dual exhaust having a black nozzle, completed with fish tail.
The first recorded Sanglas with registration number B-75205 belonged to Can Costa.
SANGLAS 350 / A (1947-1949) was presented in July 1947 at an official international exhibition in Barcelona.
This was the second series of Sanglas basically the same as the previous version with a few differences. For example, the exhaust pipes were finished with chromed metal. The tires were painted only in one black stripe in the middle. Also the compression was reduced down to 6: 1, to avoid damage when using gasoline of poor quality, and the settings of the carburetor were changed.
Furthermore, a new logo in the kind of stickers was located on both sides of the tank. One of the main improvements was made in the frame (which was strengthened by several elements).

In 1949, the annual production of Sanglas reached 80 units, with a total workforce of 100 people, which was a record for the producers. Sanglas was one of the first brands that made the production of its motorcycles serial.

Engine: 4-stroke single cylinder
Engine capacity: 348 cc
Lubrication: Pressure oil circulation.
Clutch: Multi-disc in oil bath
Switching Transmission: 4 speed rotation of the pedal
Transmission: chain
Front: Telescopic tube and spring
Rear: Rigid
Electricity: 6V. Dynamo 75W. 10Ah battery.
Wheel rims 19 ". Tire 3.50" x 19 ".
Accessories: tools, pump and odometer, etc.

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