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1953 Rieju 175

Rieju 175 175 cc (1953)
Figueres (Girona)
Exhibit : Rieju, S.A.

In 1953 Rieju 175 cc (with the engine AMC 4T) was born. This model was of black color with gold lines in the finish, and was equipped with a suspension system (a hydraulic telescopic fork in the front and an oscillating rear suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers).
It was created in partnership with the engine manufacturer AMC, since Rieju had little experience with this type of engine, and the company was not able to produce engines. The company also had a partnership with FITA in Figueres (where the engines were manufactured under license).
The 175 was based on the GIMA 175. Rieju was adapted, the design was changed in the manufacture of the model, which was lighter, easier to drive, and generally had a more favorable design with a more comfortable ride on the road. Moreover, the model had more efficient fuel consumption (due to improvements made to the engine Rieju).
This peculiarity contributed to an increase in sales. 5,000 units were produced between 1953 and 1961. Later the production continued on this chassis using a different type of engine - Hispano Villiers another 4 years. During this time 1,000 motorcycles per year were produced.
Thanks to a carefully planned business strategy, Rieju managed to survive (even on a small scale), while many of the Spanish giants of industry in this sector failed to do. Rieju always remained true to its original idea to make the best of every moment.

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