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1955 Clúa Sport 175cc

Clúa Sport 175cc 1955
Exhibit: Museu de la Moto

2-stroke single-cylinder engine (64 x 55)
6500 rpm
Transmission, 4-speed with a foot switch.
multi-plate clutch in oil bath.
Front - telescopic hydraulic
rear - Shock Absorber pendular
Fuel tank capacity: 16 liters.
Maximum speed: 100 km / h

After hard post-war years Spain was experiencing a period of great growth of small enterprises including the motorcycle sector. Some pioneers tried to start this industry as early as the 40s. Such people as Soriano, Sanglas, Riera (Rieju), Giró (OSSA), Rabasa (Derbi) o Permanyer (Montesa), in particular, resumed their old projects or simply created a new company, to put the country on two wheels after the war.
It was in the 50s, when there were countless new brands, the number of which according to inaccurate estimates exceeded 100 units. But as a rule the production was made out of imported components and poor quality materials, with the use of simple technology, which led the industry one day to grow another day to fall.

Brand Clúa, located in Barcelona, was perhaps the most prolific in this industry in terms of the models, while maintaining its production activity in the period between 1949 and 1962. Its origin comes from the company Construcciones Mecánicas Clúa Sl, founded in Barcelona in 1924 for the repair of petrol and diesel engines. Like many other companies in the sector, after the war, it started to manufacture motorcycles.
After the release of Benjamín, CMC and MC models in 1953, the motorcycle under the name of Clúa was finally built. It is a curious version of a sports bike with an engine capacity of 175cc.


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