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1929 Patria 350cc

Patria 350cc 1929
Badalona (Barcelona)
Exhibit: Cometa Restauraciones de Madrid

Patria was the Catalan brand of motorcycles manufactured by d'Antoni Serra i Siam in Badalona, Barcelonès in the period between 1922 and 1936.
d'Antoni Serra i Siam was born in Poblenou in Barcelona in 1893, the son of industrialist textile industry was interested in internal combustion engines.
In 1936, after the start of the Spanish Civil War, had to stop production and leave the country to save his life (his brother Louis was killed). During the war, in the premises of the plant housed the International Brigades. April 19, 1939, d'Antoni Serra returned in Badalona and 5 June, died suddenly at the age of 45 years.
Serra gave a great impetus to the development of motorcycle Catalan, being the first manufacturer in the market, which introduced a motorcycle with a four-stroke engine .Its characteristics were: displacement -350 cc engine Villiers with one cylinder, the maximum speed-from 120 to 125 km / h.

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