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1945 Alfa 350cc

Alfa 350cc 1945
Exhibit: Familia Criville Restaurada per Toni Calvo (Motos Vic)

Nilo Masó Miró, a former racer, started its activities in the production of motorcycles in 1924 in Barcelona with two-stroke engines, of the company Villiers and DKW of 175 and 250 cc. Like many manufacturers after the Civil War, he devoted his work to the restoration of army machines and the production of auxiliary motors for bicycles. Between 1949 and 1950 he produced MV ALPHA 98 and 125 cc under license.
In 1951, the mechanics of this brand became more complex and the demand increased. However, in practice ALPHA because of lack of resources was not able to ensure the continuation of the license MV. Then the plant entered the agreement with Avello, the factories producing lathes, milling machines and other machines of complex technologies. His factories were located in l'Asturiana in Natahoyo, near Gijón, where they began to make the brand Avello, and later MV Agusta.
This led to a decrease in the production of motorcycles under the brand ALPHA. In 1953 the cooperation with Evycsa for the production of four-stroke engines FITA began. ALPHA brand disappeared in 1957. The last release was a three-wheeled delivering motorcycle with an engine Villiers.

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