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1931 Simo 250cc

Simo 250cc 1931

Simo was a Catalan motorcycles brand produced in Barcelona between 1925 and 1933 (as well as during the 50's) by a famous pilot of a racing motorcycle Miquel Simó.
Miquel Simó would become a leading manufacturer of whole Spain in the first stage, not in the quantity, but in the quality and avant-garde of its products.
His first creation was a two-stroke engine of 150 cc.
Later, he developed models with an engine power of 1.5, 2.5 and 5 hp that he adapted on a tricycle as a means for distribution.
In Madrid, the War Minister and the Prime Minister, General Primo de Rivera charged Simó to produce the first 25 cars at 2,500 pesetas each. Later the motorcycles would be directed primarily to government agencies, post offices and the army.
Thus, in 1929 and until 1932, Simó became a manufacturer of motorcycles with two models in its catalog, equipped with two-stroke engines 148 cc and 250 cc.
Mark Simó was the first brand of motorcycles, officially registered in Spain.
By 1935, Miquel Simó had established a business relationship with the bike company Orbea to produce the models with the engine developed by him, but not successfully. In view of the failure of negotiations, he decided to devote himself to the races throughout Europe under the French brand Terrot, until he suffered in the accident at the Tourist Trophy. Since then Simó served 50 years as a counselor of an automotive manufacturing company producing motocarros and micro-cars.


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