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1904 Villalbi 430 cc

Villalbi 430 cc 1904
Exhibit: Familia Villalbi , Museu de la Ciencia i la Tecnica de Catalunya

Villalbí was the mark of the first motorcycle built completely in Catalonia (and, consequently, in Spain). It was the work of Miquel Villalba, who in 1903 created the first prototype in Barcelona and held a series of tests with a positive result. The plant sold more than five units of this bike priced at around 1,200 pesetas.
One copy is kept in the Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (MNATEC) in Terrassa, and the other in the Museu de la Moto de Barcelona.
While constructing his motorcycle Villalbí he managed to do it alone, because then auxiliary industries were completely absent. Carburetor, panels, wiring, and even the wheel rim were made by hand.
Control levers were located between the fuel tank and the wheel: in the upper part of the tank there were three levers, one for controlling progress (sparks), one for gas (accelerator) and the other for air. On the steering wheel there was a decompressor and contact system that worked by turning the handle, as well as gas controls operate today. Because of the manufacturing complexity of Villalba the production was discontinued and they switched to the distribution of foreign brands.

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