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1901 Локомотив 230-4001 Compound

locomotive 230-4001 Compound 1901
MZA 651

Country of origin - Germany
Manufacturer - Hanomag
Maximum speed - 100 km / h
Power - 1041 hp

The compound locomotives meant a technological breakthrough with the machines of old understanding, as they spectacularly increased their speed, power (the first ones in Spain to exceed 1000 CV) and towed tonnage. These innovations contributed a great improvement in the conditions of passenger transport at the beginning of the century. The engineer Anatole Mallet, as well as a system of machines hinge, also devised the double steam expansion system known as compound. The steam, instead of being expelled after it had entered the high pressure cylinders, went into the low pressure cylinders to be used in other motive pieces. This system improved the stability and power, although it showed more maintenance difficulties as it had more pieces of difficult access. It was the first "Compound" to run on the main lines in the peninsular network. It towed the fast trains between Madrid and Barcelona and other MZA main lines till the end of the 20's, when it began to be moved to less important services until its retirement in the 60's.

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