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1884 Локомотив 030-2369 Bicicleta

Loomotiv 030-2369 Bicicleta 1884
Alcantarilla-Lorca 4

Country of origin - United Kingdom
Manufacturer - Sharp & Steward (Manchester)
Maximum speed - 60 km / h
Power - 938 hp

This locomotive symbolized the multi-purpose and modest character of the company it originally belonged to. It ran along 57 km on the Murcia-Granada line This company needed sturdy, simple machines adapted to all kind of services. For this reason it bought these six mixed-traffic locomotives. As most British locomotives, it stands out because of its simple, clear lines showing only the essential elements. After being moved to RENFE it continued running on its area of origin, as well as on the line to Aguilas until the end of the 60’s.


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