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1881 Локомотив 030-2110

Locomotora 030-2110 "Perruca" 1881
Norte 1653
locomotive 030-2110 "Perruca"

Manufacturer - Koechlin
Country of origin - Germany
Power - 499 hp
Maximum speed - 60 km / h

The Perruca used to run on the hard lines in north-western Spain. Its qualities were very useful there. At the end of the 50's, it was transferred to the Tarragona depot till its retirement at the end of the 60’s. Its nickname comes from the shape of "perra gorda” (a small coin) -or “perruca" for the Asturians’which the exit of the Pajares pass showed inside a tunnel. Throughout the last century, the technical limitations reduced the types of locomotives. All of them shared a similar constructive architecture: low and long boilers, high chimneys, and reduced length, among other characteristics. Numerous companies used this kind of machines because of their hardness, simplicity and versatility They pulled along all type of trains until the coming of more developed locomotives relegated them to goods and shunting services.

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