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1857 Локомотив 030-2013 MZA 246

locomotive 030-2013 MZA 246 - Mamut

Country of origin - United Kingdom
Manufacturer - Ritson Wilson i Cail Cockeril
Power - 422 HP
Maximum speed - 50 km / h

The Mamut (Mammoth) is the oldest locomotive in the country after the Martorell .The Mamut machines were bought to tow both passenger and goods trains. They were the first mixed-traffic locomotive ordered by the MZA company. From the 70 machines of this kind, 30 were built in France and the rest in the United Kingdom , the country where this machine comes from. It was given the nickname Mamut due to its great power at the time it was constructed. This piece was the first locomotive to be 100 years running in the Spanish Railways in 1957 . It underwent different minor changes so, in its honour , it was rebuilt in its original state and put on display. Its last destiny was as a fixed steam boiler in Alicante.

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