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1879 Локомотив 040-2019 MZA 571

locomotive 040-2019 MZA 571 - Vilanova

Country of origin - United Kingdom
Manufacturer - Sharp & Stewart in Manchester
Power - 830 hp
Maximum speed - 50 km / h

This type of locomotives is not very common in Europe, although it was in Spain, natural in a rugged country. Due to its motive axles (joined by rods) the whole machine has total
adhesion. Its adhesion and high power made it a suitable locomotive to low goods trains in any profile. Of course, in compensation the speed was reduced. The series had a British origin and belonged to the Tarragona a Barcelona y Francia (TBF) company, which passed into the hands of the MZA Catalan network This company did not use the 0-4-0 locomotives very much because its lines were less rugged than in other companies. It is a very special locomotive for Vilanova as, from 1949, it was assigned to this depot where it stayed until its
retirement in 1967 .

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