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1854 Локомотив 120-2112 MZA 168

locomotive 120-2112 MZA 168 - Martorell

Country of origin - United Kingdom
Designer - Sharp & Stewart Manchester
Power - 600 hp
Maximum speed - 60 km / h

The Martorell is the oldest locomotive of those kept in Spain and shows an early example of how adaptable the railway is. It is a model developed from older and more limited ones . It was designed to tow passenger trains, what it did for several decades. Constructed in Britain, it ran on the little Barcelona-Martorell line, which was successfvely transferred to larger companies: Tarragona a Barcelona y Francia (TBF) in 1875 and Madrid a Zaragoza y a Alicante (MZA) in 1891. Here, it was changed to adapt it for the shunting service in 1913. They instated water tanks on both sides of the boiler, turning it into a tank-kind locomotive. It always ran in Catalonia, on the coast or nearby.

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