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1878 Тележка пассажирского вагона Harlan

Passenger car bogie

Maximum speed - 100 km / h

This unique piece, restored in the museum in March 1999. was manufactured in the United States and received in 1878, being in the vanguard of the European railway.It belonged to one of the thirty-seven Harlan coaches bought by the Valis-Vilanova and Barcelona Railway (VVB), a company that owned the best available rolling stock. A bogie is a wheeled mobile structure, on which the vehicle stands. This makes possible an increase in its capacity, comfort and safety. In Europe this invention became widespread in this century, but in the United States its use had began in the last century. A peculiarity of these bogies is the use of wood , which did not prevent them from running uninterruptedly until 1972.

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