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1982 ГАЗ 14-05

GAZ-14-05 Chaika phaeton

Seats number - 7 people
Curb weight – 2,605 kg
Dimensions – 6,114х2,020х1,525 mm
Engine – carburetor, 8-cylinder, gasoline, V-shaped
Engine power – 220hp
Maximum speed - 175 km / h
Fuel consumption – 21-23 l/100 km
Manufacture years - 1978-1988

Besides a base sedan GAZ-14, the plant produced a modification GAZ-14-05 — a parade phaeton. 15 copies of them were built from 1982 till 1988, notably the first one is kept in the museum JSC “GAZ”.
The phaeton had a locally strengthened body shell. Instead of a full cabriolet gear of elevating side glasses and a folded by an electro-hydraulic drive top, characteristic of the GAZ-13B, it had glasses only on the front doors and a simple canvas top, mounted by hands above the front seat. It possessed a microphone boom for a public address system and flagstaffs as a specialty-equipment. According to the existing information one of the phaetons was presented to Fidel Castro.

GAZ-14 Chaika is a Soviet representative passenger car of a high class, hand assembled at Gorky automobile plant from 1977 till 1988.

Altogether about 1,120 cars of that model were produced.

The beginning of the work over the project of a new high class car at the plant GAZ dates to the second half of the decade, since 1967.

In 1968 a full-sized mockup of the future Chaika of the second generation already existed.

In 1977 the first-off production batch was yielded, but the first car of cherry color had already been assembled as a labor present by the end of 1976, on the occasion of L. I. Brezhnev,s birthday (on the 19 of December), who was the General Secretary of the CPSU at that time.

As compared to the GAZ-13, the height of the car was 95 mm lowered. Correspondingly the centre of gravity was lowered, the wind drag reduced and road holding at speeds rose.

The frame remained Х-shaped, but the wheelbase was 200 mm lengthened, providing less vertical driver’s and passengers’ seat and equaling to 3,450 mm. The total length of the car increased adequately.

The top horsepower of the engine rose from 195 hp up to 220 hp, which perceptibly improved the car performance — the acceleration time to 100 km/h one quarter decreased, the maximum speed increased.
The GAZ-14 got more modern working mode selector of the automatic gearbox in the kind of a floor shift.

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