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1987 ГАЗ 3105

GAZ-3105 “Volga”

Seats number - 5 people
Curb weight – 1,800 kg
Gross vehicle weight – 2,300 kg
Dimensions – 5,050х1,800х1,430 mm
Engine – gasoline, fuel-injected, V8
Engine power – 170hp
Maximum speed - 200 km / h
Fuel consumption – 13.7 l/100 km
Lifetime – 200, 000 km
Manufacture years - 1992-1996

The GAZ-3105 “Volga” is a luxury car (F) with a higher level of comfort, produced from 1992 till 1996 at the site of Gorky automobile plant.
At the end of 1987 four trial models GAZ-3105 were built (of white, black, golden and dark-cherry color). The bonded windshields did not lower down, and the bottom sections were considered to have the function of vent windows. The V8 with an electronic fuel injection was under the hood. The car got full-time all-wheel drive, a McPherson suspension, a rack-and-pinion steering gear and disk brakes with ABS. The interiors for the trial models were taken from the Saab 9000.
Later the models 3103 (front drive) and 3104 (full drive) were developed on the base of the GAZ-3105, and also two sport cars. The automobiles 3103 and 3104 were introduced at Moscow automobile show in 1998.

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