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1984 ГАЗ 5903

GAZ-5903 (APC-80)

Crew and landing personnel - 10 people
Weight – 13,600 kg
Wheel arrangement – 8x8
Engine - diesel, V-8, turbocharged, 4-stroke, liquid cooling
Engine power – 260hp
Maximum speed – along the highway - 80km / h, afloat – 9km/h
Road clearance – 4.775 mm
Fitting out – turret machine gun mount
Cruising endurance – 600 km
Ammunition load – 2,500pcs
Starting manufacture year - 1983

It is designed for personnel transporting, armament and war fighting by ground units and naval infantry.
The APC-80 is a Soviet armored fighting vehicle. It was built at the beginning of 1980-s as further development of an armored fighting vehicle APC-70, taking into account its defective features, exposed in the Afghanistan War, and it was designed for substitution of the APC-70 in the mechanized infantry. The APC-80 entered series production in 1984 and being several times modernized, and as of 2012 it is still in production.
It was applied in the Afghanistan War by the Soviet troops, and since 1990-s it has been the basic armored personnel carrier of the Russian Armed Forces and a number of other former Soviet republics. It was practically used in all big armed conflicts on the post-Soviet areas. It has been actively exported, and generally as of 2011 the APC-80 is in service with the Armed Forces of about 26 states. The equipment of the APC-80 consists of a twin barrel of 14.5-mm gun KPVT and 7.62-mm PKT.

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