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1944 ГАЗ 67Б


Seats number - 4 people +100kg of load or one driver + 400 kg of load
Curb weight – 1,375 kg
Dimensions – 3,350х1,685х1,700 mm
Gross weight – 1,775 kg
Engine - carburetor, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke
Engine displacement – 3.28 l
Engine power - 50 hp at 2,800 rev / min
Maximum speed - 90 km / h
Fuel consumption – 15 l/100 km
Manufacture years - 1943-1954

A passenger car GAZ-67B was designed to transport passengers or small freight of the weight about 400 kg in the agriculture. The car could tow a trailer with a full weight about 800 kg.
GAZ-67 and GAZ-67B are Soviet military all-wheel passenger cars with a simplified open body, which had openings instead of doors. At the closing stage of the Great Patriotic War and later in the Korean War the ГАЗ-67b was widely used as a headquarter and intelligence car, a carrier of infantry forces and wounded, as well as a light artillery tow truck.
On the 23d of September in 1943 the first car rolled off the production line.
An improved GAZ-67B in 1944 got an enforced front axle and transmission. Bearing retention of front wheel spindle was installed. And finally on the 23d of October the engine received more perfect distributor of the 6-cylinder engine GAZ-11 instead of IM-91. Joined with ignition plugs by isolated spark plug wires (replacing copper [plates), it provided a stable regulation and better dust proof and moisture proof with the capability to shield them from produced radio interference. In 1948 a welded radiator grille was replaced by a stamped one with seven vertical splits. The main gears of the axles were improved and double-acting shock absorbers were installed since 1951. GAZ-67B was made till the end of August 1953 and in 1953 there was built the largest number of the cars - 14,502. Their production achieved about 70 units per day. According to the exact data 92,843 samples were produced altogether Seats number - 5 people or 2+500kg
Curb weight – 1,525 kg
Dimensions – 3,850х1,850х2,030 mm
Gross weight – 2,175 kg
Engine - carburetor, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke
Engine power - 55 hp at 3,600 rev / min
Maximum speed - 90 km / h
Fuel consumption – 14 l/100 km at the speed 30-40 km/h
Manufacture years - 1953-1955

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