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1948 ГАЗ 63A


Payload – 2,000 kg
Curb weight – 3,440 kg
Dimensions – 5,880 x 2,200х 2,245mm
Track: front - 1,588 mm, back – 1,600 mm
Engine – carburetor, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke
Engine power - 70 hp at 2,800 rev / min
Maximum speed - 65 km / h
Fuel consumption – 25 l/100 km
Manufacture years - 1948-1967

GAZ-63 is a Soviet truck with chassis type 4×4, payload 2.0 ton. Altogether there were 474, 464 items of all model types produced.
GAZ-63А is a GAZ-63 version with a lifter winch, which had a towing capacity of 4,500, and with a power take-off drive.
The truck had a “a body on frame” design, a 4-wheel drive with a selectable front axle (three drive-shafts), short overhangs and single wheels with a regulated internal pressure.
A start heating tank was mounted under the hood. In winter it was necessary to turn the steering wheel to the left, open the hatch in the fender of the right front wheel and insert an operational blast lamp into the tank flame tube. The liquid in the cool system heated, the motor oil got warm from hot gases in the crankcase oil pan. At heating of a “dry” engine 5 liters of water were poured into the tank, then heating with resulting vapor followed. After that the engine started and the water was added into the radiator.
The cabin heater blew warm air only onto the windshield with the help of an electric ventilator. Warm air came to the legs of a driver and a passenger through the opening vent behind the hood only when the truck was driving. It was cold in the cab in winter when the car did not move.
The side panels of the hood decoration were dismountable and in summer this fact made significantly easier the cooling of the engine.
The body represented a wooden platform with high sides and opening back header.

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