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1958 ГАЗ 21 "Волга"

GAZ 21 “Volga”

Seats number - 5 people
Curb weight – 1,350 kg
Dimensions – 4,810х1,800х1,620 mm
Engine - carburetor, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke
Engine power - 78 hp at 4,000 rev/ min
Maximum speed - 130 km / h
Manufacture years – 1958-1970

The GAZ-21 Volga is a Soviet medium passenger car produced serially at Gorky automobile plant from 1956 (1957) till 1970. The plant designation of the model was initially GAZ-М-21, later (from 1965) — GAZ-21. Altogether 639, 478 copies of all modifications were produced.
The cars of the production from 1956 till November 1958 got subsequently the name “the first series” (also “with a star”).
Totally in the series of 1956 there were five exemplars. The mass production began only in the next year.
Till the end of 1957 the car was turned out with a heavy-duty L-head engine from the Pobeda, which had an increased working volume due to cylindrical boring till 88 mm and an enlarged degree of compression up to 7.0:1 (2.42 l., 65 hp at ,3800 rev/ min, a torsion toque is 15.8 kg•м). Today it is one of the rarest modifications. L-head engine aggregated only with a mechanical gearbox.
In the end of 1957 the plant began to equip the cars with a new own engine (2.445 l, 70 hp).
A few cars “with a star” in the original design are extant nowadays. The most part of the preserved cars were partly remade into later modifications. Owing to it there is relatively a high demand of “the first production” at Russian market of “old-timers”.

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